Kung Fu Sisters Retreat


sisters retreat touching hands
For four years now, we have gathered annually to “touch hands” and exchange in “Kung Fu Life.” Our retreats are an organic culmination of our commitment and passion to Ving Tsun, expressed in an environment supportive of our yin.

During our retreats, we spend a long weekend sharing Kung Fu and partaking in holistic activities, with a healthy balance of Saam Faat (“Heart Method”) and Nim Faat (“Mind Method”). The weekend serves as mini-getaway from life’s daily distractions, where we set personal intentions for growth and development.

Our retreats feature Kung Fu training, yoga, nature hikes, discussion, introspection, and relationship-building.

Read about our 5th Annual Retreat, planning currently underway!


As I leave from our retreat to go back to the ‘real world’ I will not forget everything we shared and learned, as well as the relationships we forged during this wonderful weekend with our sisters from near and far. I believe we have succeeded in establishing a powerful community of women, and we can only grow bigger and stronger from here. I feel I have a gained an empowerment and rejuvenation by basking in the presence of us sisters. All the love, kindness and compassion which was present at our retreat has filled me up with a joy which I will carry with me into the future.


Amazing weekend of sisterhood and sharing with the Sisters of the MYVT Kung Fu Clan! The transmission and Kung Fu is strong as the relationships and connections grow stronger! Infinite Love & Gratitude


I’m elated, at ease with a deeper understanding of self. Realized from the fertile ground of our sisters retreat, our community of warrior women.


I’m still reeling from the wonderful energy of our retreat and enjoying the processing as well! I look forward to getting together to share our experiences & review all that worked, and where more work is needed.

sisters retreat group photo, arial pov